Tony Kitous


Tony Kitous brought Lebanese home-style dishes to London’s High Streets with Comptoir Libanais. He wanted the brand from packaging and to wall graphics of his restaurant to echo Rana Salam’s distinctive patterns and prints. Researching her visual archive, Rana chose a Middle Eastern ephemera and selected the right image for his brand. The result is exciting wall graphics and packaging that have successfully captured the contemporary flare and flavour of Comptoir Libanais. These unique graphics along side the interiors created by immediately helped the restaurants attract attention and have been attributed to their success.

Rana appointed photographer Ingrid Rasmussen to work on the project to give Comptoir Libanais a stylish/trendy vision. Rasmussen was the original photographer for Thames and Hudson's hugely popular 'STYLE CITY' series, working on the launch titles of London, Paris, New York and Barcelona.